Dev Team Releases IPhone OS 3.1 Jailbreak Tools (PwnageTool 3.1)

As the team mentioned, PwnageTool 3.1 supports the jailbreak of iPhone 3.1 OS on iPhone 1st Generation (2G), 3G and the iPod touch 1G. But please note it doesn’t support iPhone 3GS or 2G/3G and iPodTouch. The team will release another update in near future for iPhone 3GS users.

Before you apply PwnageTool for iPhone 3.1 jailbreak, please read the following notes carefully as warned by the team:

  • If you are using a 3G iPhone with ultrasn0w and rely on ultrasn0w to obtain cellular service, then you should only upgrade to 3.1 with a PwnageTool created .ipsw. DO NOT upgrade directly in iTunes.
  • If you have an iPhone 2G (1st generation), PwnageTool 3.1 will unlock your iPhone automatically.
  • But for iPhone 3G users upgrading to 3.1, please use ultrasn0w to unlock. Make sure you use PwnageTool to create a custom 3.1 .ipsw.
  • Let me highlight once again. PwnageTool 3.1 does not support iPhone 3GS. It can only work on iPhone 2G, 3G and iPod touch 1G.

You can download the PwnageTool 3.1 from one of the sites:

Update: Some updates from iPhone Dev team:

1. Unlocked users on the 3G will probably notice that the name and/or logo of their carrier is missing, but they still have full bars and a signal. So far this seems to be purely a cosmetic issue and it doesn’t impact your signal or coverage. We hope to have this issue “fixed” when we release the 3GS compatible version of PwnageTool.
2. As of 3.1, the *.ipcc carrier bundles are signed, and you can no longer force tethering capability simply by crafting your own bundle. The good news is this obstacle can probably be overcome by virtue of the jailbreak. But so far that extra hack is not part of the PwnageTool custom IPSW creation.

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How To Downgrade iPhone 3GS From OS 3.1 To 3.0 Using Saurik Server

Thanks to Saurik for all of his hard work. Below is his explanation from on how to downgrade your iPhone 3G S for fiirmware 3.1 to firmware 3.0 and also how to continue using his server for future Apple firmware updates. Saurik did a great job at explaining how and why this downgrade works and I invite you to read his article for detailed information.

Saurik Also States:

Upcoming 3.1 Exploit

If you encouter “unknown error (3002)”, you probably do not have your ECID SHSH’s for 3.0 “on file” with Cydia. Unfortunately, as Apple is no longer allowing users to sign the 3.0 firmware, it is no longer possible to register your device with Cydia.

Luckily, it has been reported that iPhoneOS 3.1 is vulnerable to another exploit. This means that, once a jailbreak is released for 3.1, users be able to prepare themselves for future jailbreaks even if they missed the first round of signature storage (which I unfortunately was only able to start very late in the 3.0 game).

Once you even attempt to use this service (or if you tell Cydia to “make your life easier”) you will be signed up for the signature tracker, and Cydia HQ will do its best to manage your ability to restore.

And again, if you have any issues with this process, please please please do not e-mail me. Instead, go to, where there is a special forum called 3GS Downgrading, created for the purposes of this article.

1. First, you must have saved your ECID file through Cydia. If this was done, you should see the following message at the top of Cydia’s homepage: This iPhone 3G[S] has an ECID SHSH on file.

2. Now we’re going to duplicate the functionality exposed by Apple’s signature server and trick iTunes into thinking it is connected to Apple’s servers. Make sure you have iTunes 9 installed on your computer:

On a Mac, go to /etc/hosts. On a PC, go to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts. Open the file in a text editor and add the following entry at the bottom of the file:

Save the file and close it.

3. Now we have to put your iPhone into DFU mode. To do this, open iTunes, plug your iPhone and hold down the power and home buttons for 10 seconds, then let go of the power button but continue to hold the home button until iTunes recognizes the device with the message: “iTunes has detected an iPhone in recovery mode. You must restore this iPhone before it can be used with iTunes.” Your iPhone screen should be completely black.

Note: at this point, your iPhone’s screen should be entirely black. Many people confuse “DFU” with “recovery” (and in fact, iTunes itself glosses over this), but they are quite different. If you see anything on your screen, such as the iTunes logo and a sync cable, or a cartoon of Steve Jobs swearing in Cyrillic, you are in recovery mode and need to try again. You may read my article on how to put your iPhone in DFU Mode.

4. You can now do a “normal” restore to the 3.0 software. To do this, hold down the Option key (on Mac OS X) or the SHIFT key (Windows) while clicking the Restore button in iTunes. Select the firmware 3.0. Download iPhone OS 3.0 here for iPhone 3GS.

TroubleShooting & Fixes

If you get the “unknown error (3002)”, it’s because you probably don’t have your ECID SHSH’s for 3.0 on file with Cydia and it is unfortunately impossible to register your device with Cydia anymore. There is no solution, your iPhone can’t be downgraded from 3.1 to 3.0 and you’re gonna have to wait for a new jailbreak.

If you get the “The iPhone “iPhone” could not be restored. An unknown error occured (1015)” error, then re-do the process all over again. You will get the same error again and it is normal. Ignore the error and jailbreak your iPhone using RedSn0w.

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Virtual Horse Racing 3D

Category: Games
Price: $1.99

Size: 3.5 MB

Latest version: 1.0

Virtual Horse Racing 3D is the most realistic 3D horse racing game on iPhone and iPod Touch. It's easy, exciting, fun, and highly addictive. See the gameplay video at

- Realtime 3D Graphics.
- Virtual 3D Sound System.
- Simple to Play.
- Straight Bets (Win/Place/Show).
- Up to 8 runners per race.
- Slow Motion.
- Support iPhone OS 2.2.1 & 3.0

Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch and minimum requires is iPhone OS 2.2.1 or later. You can purchase via direct iTunes link OR download cracked .ipa file code:

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TroubleShooting & Fixes: iPhone Stuck On Apple Logo

Sometimes when jailbreaking an iPhone or after installing a jailbreak app, your iPhone will get stuck on reboot, or will hang on the Apple logo. This problem happened to me before and it was kind of a nightmare. In order to get your iPhone back on track, you will have to put it in DFU mode (Device Firmware Update mode). This will help you restore your iPhone without loading the OS first.

Putting you iPhone into DFU mode should be used as a last resort if your iPhone is either stuck on the Apple logo or keeps rebooting.

1. Connect your iPhone to iTunes.

2. Hold the Home button and the Power button at the same time for 10 seconds.

3. After exactly 10 seconds, release the Power button but keep holding the Home button for 10 seconds or until iTunes pops up a message saying that it has detected an iPhone in recovery mode. At this point, click OK, then click “Restore” in iTunes.

Note that it often takes several attempts to get your iPhone in DFU mode.

Check out this video for a detailed explanation.

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Camera in iPod Touch?

Another interesting possibility found in iFixit’s teardown of the third-generation iPod touch was an empty space on the circuit board that could house a camera. The location is consistent with the location of the rumored iPod touch camera and is distinct from the previous-generation iPod touch design.

Pictured above is the second-generation iPod touch on the left and the third-generation iPod touch on the right. The round metal piece seen in the middle of the second-generation iPod touch board is actually an antenna cable socket which has been moved on the third-generation model, which only has a black plastic spacer in that place. According to iFixit, an iPod-nano style camera would fit in that location.

The finding is also consistent with a report from AppleInsider which claimed that the iPod touch with camera was a real product but had been scrapped about a month ago. The rumor site also believes that Apple is still planning on adding camera capabilities to the iPod touch in the near future.


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Recent Call Log Delete (Cracked)

Recent Call Log Delete was released today in Cydia. It is a package that you must buy. Recent Call Log Delete lets you do exactly what is says meaning you can delete your call history one by one and you don’t have to clear your whole recent calls list.
  • Download Recent Call Log Delete .deb HERE
  • Rename the downloaded file to calldelete.deb
  • Copy the file to var/mobile on your iphone
  • Open up mobile terminal on your iphone and do the following
  • Type in su (press return)
  • Type in alpine (press return)
  • Type in dpkg -i calldelete.deb (press return)
  • Respring or reboot and enjoy deleting single recent calls
Alternate Ways To Install:
Ssh your iPhone. You may see instruction on how to install .deb file using SSH. And make a folder called AutoInstall in/var/root/Media/Cydia/ so you have /var/root/Media/Cydia/AutoInstall which is case sensitive and drop this debs file in the autoinstall folder, respring and reboot your iPhone.

Auto Installation Using i-FunBox

You may click here for easy way of auto installation using i-FunBox. Just use your USB cable!

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Please Remember Do Not To Update To iPhone OS 3.1

Let me take this opportunity to warn you again. If you’re using ultrasn0w to unlock your iPhone 3GS or 3G, remember not to update to iPhone OS 3.1 directly via iTunes when it’s released. You may end up losing the ultrasn0w unlock. That is, you cannot make call or receive call. So, even iTunes prompt you for the iPhone update, remember to say “No” and wait for iPhone Dev team to give you the green light.

According to iPhone Dev Team:

If you update to Apple’s new software using the normal iTunes process, you will lose your ultrasn0w unlock. In fact you may lose it permanently, because for most people the baseband firmware cannot be reverted to a previous version (unlike the main application CPU firmware).

But don’t worry…our PwnageTool program let’s you update your main firmware without touching your baseband firmware, so you can still have the best of both worlds. But you must be diligent about saying “no” to your iTunes request this week to update your firmware.

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New in iPhone 3.1 OS

Apple has released the iPhone 3.1 OS for iPhone 2G / 3G / 3GS. The new version of iPhone OS is now available for free download and you can upgrade your iPhone via iTunes. You do not need to upgrade to iTunes 9 to download the update. The upgrade of iPhone OS should also work on iTunes v8.2.

Below is Apple’s list of new features for iPhone OS 3.1 :
  • Genius recommendations for Applications – similar to the genius feature for songs. Base on your existing iPhone applications you have downloaded or purchased, iTunes look for other applications and recommend those that you may interest.
  • iTunes 9 Support -Align with the release of iTunes 9, iPhone 3.1 supports genius mixes, improved syncing option for music, movies, TV shows, etc. It also supports the app reorganization directly in iTunes.
  • Use iTunes on your computer to drag apps onto virtual Home screens, then sync them to your iPhone.
  • Redeem iTunes gift card, code and certificates in the App Store
  • Display available iTunes account credit in the App Store and iTunes Store
  • Browse and download ringtones wirelessly from iTunes Store
  • Save video from mail and MMS into camera roll
  • Option to “Save as new clip” when trimming a video in iPhone 3GS
  • Better iPhone 3G Wi-Fi performance when Bluetooth is turned on
  • Remotely lock iPhone with a passcode via MobileMe
  • Use Voice Control on iPhone 3GS with Bluetooth headsets
  • Paste phone numbers into the keypad
  • Option to use Home button to turn on Accessibility features on iPhone 3GS
  • Warn when visiting fraudulent websites in Safari
  • Improved Exchange calendar syncing and invitation handling
  • Fixes issue that caused some app icons to display incorrectly
Let me remind you, if you’re relying on ultrasn0w for unlocking your iPhone, please stay away from iPhone 3.1. Your iPhone will be locked again after the upgrade and presently, ultrasn0w cannot unlock iPhone with 3.1 OS.Needless to say that there is no jailbreak yet for iPhone 3.1. I will keep you updated and write tutorials on how to jailbreak iPhone 3.1 as it becomes available.

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New iPod Nano Gets A Camera

[Images Via Engadget]

As well-documented by the “word on the street,” the fifth generation iPod nano is also a video
camera…and radio and a pedometer and a voice recorder too…and it’s available now. The 8GB nano will cost $150 while the 16GB comes in at $180.Details:

• Video camera (640×480)
• Integrated mic
• Integrated speaker
• FM Radio!!!!!
• One-click YouTube uploads
• Voice Over like Shuffle
• Pedometer with Nike+ syncing online
• Voice Recorder
• 2.2-inch screen is possibly larger than last model

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New iPhone OS 3.1 & iTunes 9 is Released

iPhone OS 3.1 – Steve Jobs announced the debut of iPhone OS 3.1 and it’s available today. But base on my test, it’s still not available on iTunes. Hopefully, it can be downloaded later today. But for those using ultrasn0w to unlock iPhone, please be reminded not to update to this version until iPhone Dev team gives you the green light.

iTunes 9 – As expected, Apple releases a new version of iTunes – iTunes v9. The new version looks pretty great. Now, you can use iTunes to manage the iPhone home screen and move the icons around right from iTunes. The other feature you’ll love is Home Sharing. Finally, iTunes can support multiple computers and you are allowed to copy songs, TV shows, etc. with up to 5 computers. As Steve mentioned, “You’re going to see all the computers you can share with, and you’ll see the contents — you’ll be able to drag that and copy it to your library.” That’s cool and it’s a long-awaited feature. The other features come with iTunes 9 are improved syncing, genius mixes and iTunes LP.

[Images Via Engadget]

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iRealSMS Keygen

Follow the instructions and you should take note that everytime iRealSMS is opened it checks online to verify the serial. To stop the serial check follow the directions at the bottom:
  • Install iRealSMS from Cydia. Just Launch Cydia > Select “Sections” at haptic menu > Select “Messaging” category > and select “iRealSMS 2.0” or you can tap “Search” in Cydia and type “iRealSMS 2.0” > Select “install” button at the right top and confirm it to install.
  • Download the windows keygen HERE or HERE
  • Run the keygen to create the activation code
  • Open up iReal and tap on purchase or activate
  • Enter any email address and the activation code which is case sensitive so type it in exactly as read
  • It should register and your done

Note: As I stated above irealsms checks the serial everytime you open up the app so you must do the following the steps below or you risk getting your iphone/serial blacklisted on irealsms servers and you won’t be able to use it anymore.

  • SSh/DiskAid/iPhoneBrowse into your iphone. You may see instruction on how to ssh your iPhone
  • Go to /root
  • Find a folder that is called /etc and go into it
  • There is a file called hosts in the /etc folder
  • Copy that to your computer and open it with txt edit or open it within your ssh app
  • Add the following line below the last line after opening the hosts file
  • Save the file don’t click save as just save it as it is and copy it back to the etc folder
  • Respring/Reboot

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Edit Videos on Your iPhone 2G And iPhone 3G

Basically, this allows you to view the videos you record with Cycorder or VideoRecorder directly in your Camera Roll. Additionally, you can trim the videos, exactly like on an iPhone 3GS. You should notice a few warning before taking any further action:

  • This is a hack. You do this at your own risks!
  • This seems to be a little buggy. Again, perform this hack at your own risks!
  • When you trim a video, you lose the original video
  • When the toggle is on, you can’t take pictures anymore (switch it off to take pictures again)
  • This is only available and compatible for jailbroken iPhones. You have to jailbreak your iPhone first. Checkout my tutorial on how to jailbreak your iPhone ( iPhone 2G / iPhone 3G / iPhone 3GS).
  • In order to set this up, you’ll need a few applications available from Cydia: SSH, Terminal, SBSettings, and either Cycorder or VideoRecorder (I recommend Cycorder).

How To Install Video Toggle Editor

1. Download Video Toggle and unzip the file.

2. SSH the unzipped file to \private\var\tmp\..You may see instruction on how to ssh your iPhone

3. Enter Terminal as a Super User (type su – username: root – password: alpine) and type bash /private/var/tmp/VideoToggle/install (note there is a space between “bash” and “/”

4. Your iPhone should respring by itself. If it doesn’t, simply reboot your iphone.

You should now have a new toggle in SBSettings that allows you to edit videos recorded. To try it out, either record a new video or go to your Camera Roll if you already recorded videos and you should see your videos there. Open a video and you should see the bar that lets you trim videos.

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Updated: iSpazio Repository for Cydia

For those who encountered problems accessing the iSpazio repository, try to upgrade the repository to version 0.5. You can search “iSpazio” in the Search section to upgrade or install the repository. Or you can add the repository URL ( manually.

Once the repository is installed, you can download all cydia packages provided by iSpazio.

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Starmap Pro

Category: Reference
Price: $18.99
Size: 59.5 MB

Latest version: 1.2

Discover the power of a professional sky atlas in the palm of your hand. Point telescopes easily on faint objects using the eyepiece mode. Prepare your observations with the automatic selection of tonight's best objects.

Full night vision red mode
• Sky twilight and stars brightness adjustment
• Telrad
• Orientation and search arrow
• Photos timers
• Logbook
• Notes
• Alarms on sky objects events
• Live time changer
• Integrated lamp
• Supports portrait and landscape mode
• Compass support for 3GS
• Coordinates display
• Full control of colors of map items
• 500 cities database
• User locations
• GPS and auto-location support.

Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch and minimum requires is iPhone OS 3.0 or later. You can purchase via direct iTunes link OR download cracked .ipa file code:

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Popup Blocker 1.1.1 (Cracked)

Popup Blocker is an application that allows you to control just about every popup that you could get on an iPhone and/or iPod touch. Once installed, you can get to the app in your stock Settings application. Here you have the options to enable/disable the application, Block Away Items, turn on/off Wake On Alert (this turns on your screen when you receive an alert) and set Alerts.

In the Alerts option you have the ability to turn on/off Block When Unlocked, Block When Locked and Wake On Alert for the following popups:

• Calendar Alerts
• SMS Alerts
• Voicemail Alerts
• Location Requests
• Accessory Warnings
• Network Lost Warnings
• App Deletion Warnings
• App Store Ratings
• Low Battery Warnings
• Low Disk Space Warnings
• Backgrounders Alerts
• Call Failure Warnings

How To Install Popup Blocker
  • Download Popup Blocker 1.1.1 Cracked HERE and do the following:
  • Rename the downloaded file to blocker.deb
  • Copy the file to var/mobile
  • Open up mobile terminal and do the following:
  • Type in su (press return)
  • Type in alpine (press return)
  • Type in dpkg -i blocker.deb (press return)
  • Respring or reboot
Alternate Ways To Install:
Ssh your iPhone. You may see instruction on how to ssh your iPhone. And make a folder called AutoInstall in/var/root/Media/Cydia/ so you have /var/root/Media/Cydia/AutoInstall which is case sensitive and drop this debs file in the autoinstall folder, respring and reboot your iPhone.

»

File Sharing (View, share and store documents)

Category: Productivity
Price: $1.99

Size: 0.4 MB

Latest version: 1.3

File Sharing allows you to easily transfer files to and from your iPhone or iPod Touch over your Wi-Fi connection by accessing it as if it were a drive, from within Windows Explorer or Finder. No longer need to carry around a USB memory stick to copy and share files from one computer to another. Instead, turn your iPhone or iPod Touch into a wifi drive using File Sharing. If you prefer, you can also upload and download files from your web browser. You can also use File Sharing to watch movies. Just copy a .mp4 or .mov file into File Sharing and its ready for you to view.

File Sharing can view the following file types:

• Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx)
• Microsoft Excel (.xls, .xlsx, .csv)
• Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt)
• PDF Files (.pdf)
• iWork Pages documents (.pages)
• Safari Web Archives (.webarchive)
• Web Pages (.htm, .html)
• Text Files (.txt, .cpp, .c, .m, .h)
• Graphic Files (.bmp, .gif, .png, .jpg)
• Movie files (.mp4, .mov)

Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch and minimum requires is iPhone OS 2.0 or later. You can purchase via direct iTunes link OR download cracked .ipa file code:

»

Rob the Apple Store in 31 Seconds

Five masked men smashed through a window of an Apple store in New Jersey. In 31 seconds is all it took to these 5 bandits to steal not less than 23 MacBook Pro, 14 iPhones and 9 iPod Touch. As often in these cases, the security guard appeared to be completely useless.

As reported by CourierPostOnline, the incident occurred on Sep 3 at around 2am, at the Sagemore New Jersey Apple Store. Even though the security guard was in the store, the thieves were able to time the run after his regular rounds and stole the electronics from the store in 31 seconds.

Apple has introduced a new feature called Find My iPhone in MobileMe, that can locate the approximate location of the lost or stolen iPhone on a map. I’m wondering if it can help to locate those thieves.

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10 Beautiful iPhone Themes (WinterBoard)

One of the main reasons to jailbreak your iPhone is that it allows you to add custom themes and make it stand out from the crowd of blend and boring iPhones out there. Your iPhone must already jailbroken (iPhone 2G / iPhone 3G / iPhone3GS) in order to use WinterBoard. Winterboard on iPhone (like its predecessor Summerboard for iPhone 1.1.4) is an iPhone theme manager that allows you to change any WinterBoard/SummerBoard theme on iPhone. See instruction here on how to install Winterboard.

Here's my 10 beatiful Theme:

Frame Black Theme
Definitely a unique theme. Each icon is framed into a really nice dark aluminum frame and placed on a beautiful wallpaper.

Monokuro Boo Theme
A Monokuro Boo theme with many icons. I think this theme is kinda cute and funny.

Andrew's Awesome Theme
This is the first theme by young iPhone addict Andrew. This theme makes me smile every time I see it

Niffob Nokta
This custom iPhone theme with knitted icons is very original. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with many icons.

Dark BlackBerry Theme
A theme with Blackberry-like transparent, glowing icons and a nice dark background.

Etched Base Theme
This theme has a transparent base with a bevel feel to it. It includes almost 200 icons, 18 different wallpapers and more.

Maniac Theme
An original iPhone theme with very large icons. That’s my favorite theme these days and it’s currently installed on my iPhone. It comes with quite a few icons.

AF future Theme
A simple futuristic theme with neon lights icons.

Brown Bag Theme
A rough-looking theme based on a brown paper bag. I think it’s not that beautiful, but it’s a very original theme.

A Rusty iPhone Theme
Want a little rust in your iLife? Get it with this beautiful theme that will probably make your friends go “wow”. This theme is available in the Cydia Store for $1.49.

Activate "Your iPhone Theme" Via WinterBoard

Your iPhone Theme is still in the “unactive” condition. That's why your still can't see any changes to your theme on SpringBoard. To activate it, just launch Winterboard. Select “Downloaded Theme (example: Monokuro Boo)”. Your WinterBoard will verify with mark symbol. Press "Home" button and you’ll then bring back to the locked screen. Unlock it and you’ll see a fresh new look of your iPhone. Enjoy!

»

Jailbreak Tools Works On Mac OS X Snow Leopard

Apple has released Snow Leopard, the new version of Mac OS X, on Aug 28. It brings lots of refinements, extends the support of 64-bit computing and MS Exchange. The best is its low price point that it only costs US$29. If you’re a Mac user, probably you are considering to purchase the new OS. But for those iPhone jailbreakers, you may also concern if the new OS impacts the jailbreak process.

So, here is the good news. The iPhone Dev Team has confirmed it’s safe to upgrade to Snow Leopard and all jailbreak tools including redsn0w & PwnageTool are compatible with the new OS. Snow Leopard also doesn’t pose any threat to Ultrasn0w, the unlock tool for iPhone 3Gs & 3G. Quoted from iPhone Dev team’s blog, here is what the team mentioned about the status of jailbreak tools:

* You can use redsn0w to jailbreak any iPhone or iPod Touch using OS X, Windows, or Linux. For both 3.0 and 3.0.1 firmwares, you should point redsn0w at the 3.0 IPSW. If you see it hang at “waiting for reboot”, just unplug and replug that USB cable.
* You can use ultrasn0w to unlock the iPhone 3G/3GS, or BootNeuter to unlock the iPhone 2G. Both ultrasn0w and BootNeuter are available via Cydia.
* You can use PwnageTool for Mac to create custom IPSWs with pre-installed packages.

If you plan to upgrade to Snow Leopard, Amazon is now offering a discount and you can purchase Mac OS X version 10.6 Snow Leopard for US$25 only.

»

MMS Available To iPhone 3G & iPhone 3GS For AT&T Customers

Congratulation to AT&T iPhone user in U.S. Finally, AT&T announced that the long-awaited multimedia messaging feature will come to iPhone on September 25. Starting from that magic day, in additional to email, you can use MMS to send photos to your friends. The service will be available to both iPhone 3G and 3GS customers. For those using the 1st generation of iPhone, you’ll not be able to enjoy the service (probably you need to consider an upgrade). AT&T has explained the reason for the delay in rolling out the feature:

” We know many of our iPhone customers are eager for an update on our rollout schedule for Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS). We’ve been working for the past several months to prepare our systems and network to ensure the best possible experience with MMS when it launches – and that launch date is: September 25 for iPhone 3G and 3GS customers. MMS will be enabled through a software update on that day.We know that iPhone users will embrace MMS. The unique capabilities and high usage of the iPhone’s multimedia capabilities required us to work on our network MMS architecture to carry the expected record volumes of MMS traffic and ensure an excellent experience from Day One. We appreciate your patience as we work toward that end. “

On September 25, remember to connect your iPhone to your computer and download a carrier update via iTunes before you send out your 1st multimedia message. The update procedures should be very straightforward. Just plugin your iPhone and launch iTunes. You should be prompted with the carrier update (if it’s available).

»

Facebook 3.0 Now Available In App Store

Facebook iPhone developer Joe Hewitt reports that Facebook 3.0 [App Store, Free] has been approved by Apple and is now available in the App Store. Here the all new features:

1. A brand-new home screen with 9 default icons that give you access to the most common application including news feed, profile, list of friends, inbox, chat requests, events photos and notes. The home screen is also customizable that you can add your favorite contact and pages for quick access.

2. See the same news feed as that in Facebook website

3. Upload videos straight from iPhone 3GS

4. See your incoming Events and RSVP

5. Zoom in Photo with multitouch

6. “Like” Post and Photos

7. Upload photos to any album with complete photo management (create album, delete album, delete photos, delete photo tags)

8. Call or Send Text Your Friend Right From Facebook App

9. Write Note and Read your Friends’ Notes

10. See your friends’ birthdays

11. View link with the built-in browser

12. Change your Profile Picture

13. Show pages and Become a fan of Pages

14. Support of Landscape Mode

»

New iPhone Firmware 3.1 Features

With the new iPhone firmware on the way and a release date somewhere near September 17th, it’s time to take a look at the new features. There are people who don’t know what changes will come with the new firmware so for them this is a nice overview:

  • Video editing on iPhone 3GS wont overwrite the clip over the original when you are editing a clip.
  • iPhone will now vibrate whenever you switch to the mode where you can move and arrange icons on the iPhone home screen.
  • “Fraud Protection” toggle has been added to settings under Safari.
  • iPhone boot time is now faster.
  • Voice Control over Bluetooth.
  • New APIs to enable third party apps to access videos and edit them.* Updated AT&T profile to 4.2
  • Updated modem firmware to 5.08.01
  • Improvements to OpenGL and Quartz.

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