Your iPhone Apps Is Spying On You

According to interesting article by the Dev Team showing that some applications available in the App Store are spying on you, tracking your personal data and reporting this information “home”.

The apps in question are applications using Pinch Media, a mobile analytics company that aims at helping developers figure out how their users interact with their apps (ie. how long they spend on the app every day, is it accessed over 3G or wifi, etc…). Apparently apps that use Pinch Media are doing much more than reporting your interactions with the app and go as far as tracking the following information:

  • iPhone’s unique ID
  • iPhone Model
  • OS Version
  • Application version (in this case, camera zoom 1.x)
  • If the application is cracked/pirated
  • If your iPhone is jailbroken
  • Time & date you start the application
  • Time & date you close the application
  • Your current latitude & longitude
  • Your gender (if Facebook enabled)
  • Your birth month (if Facebook enabled)
  • Your birth year (if Facebook enabled)

Pinch Media says the company is no spyware as it requires YOUR approval to track the data, but as the Dev Team explains:

Being an approved app, it must first ask you for permission to use your location. If you tap “Don’t Allow”, it will ask you again in about a minute, the next time its ad changes. So you either stop using this app (because it pesters you so much about the location question), or you finally submit and tap “OK”. From that point on, your location and path info (your actual physical path through your area each time you launch the app) belongs to Pinch Media, Inc. We think that’s a Pinch too much.

I don’t know how concerned you are about your privacy and I assume most people wouldn’t care about that. Although the data being recorded is anonymous, I am not necessarily excited about a company that doesn’t disclose what type of data is collected, and more importantly, how this data is used.

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iPhone 3G WIFI: TroubleShooting & Fixes

I'm covered some common tips to resolve Wifi connection issues in my previous post. However, not all users can benefit from it. Many believe the Wifi issue is related to jailbreaking. Based on this 44-pages long discussion thread at, I’m very sure that the connection issue is unrelated to jailbreaking but possibly due to the buggy iPhone 3.0.

Quite a number of iPhone 3G owners that they failed to connect to Wifi after upgrading to 3.0. Even some users are able to connect to Wifi, they also experienced connection drop or unstable Wifi connection. Here are a few Wifi connection issues reported in the discussion thread:

I have exactly the same problem. Wifi drops when the phone sleeps, and needs to be reset by toggling the wifi on-off switch. Scanning for the network is also flaky. It worked perfectly prior to installing the update. We need a fix, Apple!

Before updating, Wifi worked flawlessly; at times even better than my macbook’s.
After the updating, my iPhone does not discover my networks anymore. I have made it recognize my home network, however, by getting closer to the router. But since distance has never been a problem, it definitely shouldn’t be now.

I’m using a 3G iPhone, and upgraded to 3.0 yesterday. Since then I’ve been unable to join any wifi network at all.

The wifi dropping has been driving me nuts. It’s only started since 3.0. Before, it has always stayed connected, never had conflicts on the network, and was never an issue. But since 3.0, like a lot of others, it can’t hold the connection for more than 20 seconds without releasing.

But the wifi issue is only found after upgrading to iPhone 3.0 and experienced on iPhone 3G only. Upgrading to firmware 3.0.1 does not resolve the issue. The problem may be caused by the baseband update in 3.0. Or due to overheat of Wifi chip. Some users even tried to put their iPhone into freezer for a minute. Take it out and find they pickup the Wifi signal again. (Don’t try it as it will void your warranty). There seems no concrete solution or workaround for this problem. The best way is to take your iPhone back to Apple Store and ask for a replacement or wait for iPhone 3.1 update to fix this issue. But before that, you can also try the following possible solutions that have been reported successfully for some users:

  1. Turn off Push Email in Settings and restart your iPhone
  2. If you can see your network in the list but it doesn’t connect, press the little blue arrow and then tap “Renew DHCP lease” or “Forget this Network”. Try to connect to Wifi again.
  3. Reset network settings (Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset Network settings)
  4. Reset all settings (Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset All Settings)
  5. Restore your iPhone with latest firmware and setup as a new phone in iTunes
  6. Put your iPhone into Airplane mode and then turn on Wifi
  7. If you’re using 802.11n router, try to change it to support “G” only instead of “mixed” or “N” protocol
  8. Disable Wifi router security and see if you can connect without password
  9. If you have to use Wifi security, try to set your Wifi security to WPA2
  10. Change your Wifi router channel to 1, 6 or 11 or simply change it to other numbers that may work for some users
  11. Upgrade the firmware of your Wifi router

Deerman on the discussion list also proposed a method to resolve the issue and you can also try it out:

1. Change your WLAN-/WIFI-station to non secured (no password)
2. Try to connect your iPhone – most probably it won’t connect
3. Change airplane mode to “On” and wait 10 sec
4. Change airplane mode to “Off” and wait 10 sec
5. Change airplane mode to “On” and wait 10 sec
6. Change WIFI to “Off” and wait 10 sec
7. Change WIFI to “On” and wait 10 sec
8. Try to connect – most probably it will connect!
9. Now change your WLAN-/WIFI-station to secured 128-Bit-WEP and give it a password
10. Change WIFI to “Off” and wait 10 sec
11. Change WIFI to “On” and wait 10 sec
12. Try to connect with your new password – most probably it will connect again.

If none of the above works for you, I suggest you to contact local Apple Store for help.

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Call Controller v0.4 (Cracked)

Call controller uses the built in accelerometer’s on your iphone to answer or block incoming calls. For example if your phone us face down on the table and you have the correct settings call controller will reject the incoming call and send an sms message to the number that called.

  1. Download Cracked CallController.deb HERE
  2. Copy the downloaded deb to var/mobile on your iphone
  3. Open up mobile terminal on your iphone and do the following exactly as stated
  4. Type in su (press return)
  5. Type in Alpine (press return)
  6. Type in dpkg -i CallController.deb (press return)
  7. Reboot and Respring
Alternate Ways To Install:
Ssh your iPhone. You may see instruction on how to ssh your iPhone. And make a folder called AutoInstall in/var/root/Media/Cydia/ so you have /var/root/Media/Cydia/AutoInstall which is case sensitive and drop this debs file in the autoinstall folder, respring and reboot your iPhone.

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iSip - Record Sip Phone Call

Category: Social Networking
Price: $6.99

Size: 3.5 MB

Latest version: 3.0

iSip, formerly sipphone. This is the first general sip client for iPhone. This is also the first app on iPhone to record phone conference. With this application, user can make cheap VOIP calls when his/her IPhone or IPod Touch is connected to the internet via WIFI.

This is SIP client software on iPhone, you need to have SIP account from SIP provider in order to use this software. For iPod touch 1st generation users, you need upgrade your iPod to iPhone/iPod OS 2.2 or above and you also need external MIC. Skype is not sip protocol, so this app does not support Skype account. Refer to for more detail information.

iSip service is provided as prepaid calling card like service to help people easily setup and make call right away. You can make free sip calls between the iSip extension/username. Every account is credited $0.5 for testing out the service.

Feature Lists:
(1) support SIP calls
(2) support speaker phone
(3) support show voice mail
(4) support multiple ringtone
(5) support DTMF during the call
(6) support G711 and GSM codec
(7) support to use alternative RTP port
(8) support stun server
(9) support global outbound proxy
(10) support proxy server for individual account
(11) support mute/hold call
(12) support multiple SIP accounts (able to set one default account for dial out)
(13) support dial from iPhone's address book
(14) support prefix for dialing from iPhone's address book
(15) support dial from recent calls

Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch and minimum requires is iPhone OS 3.0 or later. You can purchase via direct iTunes link OR download cracked .ipa file code:

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4x4 Jam

Category: Games
Price: $3.99

Size: 8.3 MB

Latest version: 1.0

The game puts the player behind the wheels of off-road vehicles with realistic but most enjoyable tilted or tapped game control. 4x4 Jam is an all-terrain 4x4 racing game for iPhone where things are not always taken too seriously.


- high detailed 3D graphics
- realistic off-road physics
- 3 difficulty levels
- high score and best lap time records
- Off Road Race, Jam and Free Ride gamemodes
- vast terrains without boundaries
- 4 full 3D vehicles on screen
- unique paint jobs

Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch and minimum requires is iPhone OS 2.2 or later. You can purchase via direct iTunes link OR download cracked .ipa file code:

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iFile 1.0.1-1 Patched

iFile is a file browser with capabilites to email, edit, delete, copy, cut, paste, rename, view, compress, uncompress and transfer files.

  1. Download Cracked deb here
  2. Rename the downloaded deb ot iFile.deb or whatever you like
  3. Copy the deb file to var/mobile/
  4. Open up mobile terminal and do the following exactly
  5. type in su (press return)
  6. type in alpine (press return)
  7. type in dpkg -i iFile.deb (press return)
  8. Respring
  9. Open up iFile and tap on the bottom left settings button
  10. scroll down to registration and enter any email you want
  11. Close ifile and open ifile again and it should register
Alternate Ways To Install:
Ssh your iPhone. You may see instruction on how to ssh your iPhone. And make a folder called AutoInstall in/var/root/Media/Cydia/ so you have /var/root/Media/Cydia/AutoInstall which is case sensitive and drop this debs file in the autoinstall folder, respring and reboot your iPhone.


Auto Installation Using i-FunBox

You may click here for easy way of auto installation using i-FunBox. Just use your USB cable!

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QuickScroll: Scroll Your Document And SpringBoard Quickly

QuickScroll is a new application available in Cydia for free. Its allow you to scroll up and down through documents and web pages very quickly. This application is very useful when your opened a long web page or PDF document on your iPhone and looking for some information is away down the page within a couple seconds.

Install QuickScroll Via Cydia

Launch Cydia > Select “Sections” at haptic menu > Select “System” category > and select “QuickScroll” or you can tap “Search” in Cydia and type “QuickScroll” > Select “install” button at the right top and confirm it to install.

How To Use QuickScroll

Once you have installed QuickScroll, simply tap 3 times anywhere on the page and a dialog will show up. Drag the green box up and down to quickly go wherever you want on the page. If you’re browsing a PDF document, tap 3 times and a dialog will appear. If you know what page you want to go to, enter it and it will take you there immediately.

Scroll On Your SpringBoard

QuickScroll also works on your SpringBoard. If your installed many application, your probably have more than three page on your SpringBoard. If your like to access your apps quickly just tap 3 times on your SpringBoard and scroll it to the left and right.

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Toy Story Mania

Category: Games
Price: $4.99

Size: 50.5 MB

Latest version: 1.0.0

Travel with Buzz into outer space! Toss rings to launch spaceships and capture aliens in Buzz Lightyear’s Flying Tossers. Slide your finger up, down and across the screen to control your spring-action shooter. You’ll need to keep a sharp eye on your targets! Certain targets trigger surprise reactions and special effects. Compete for high scores, unlock bonus stages and earn points to win tickets! Use your tickets to purchase special items in the prize booth.

Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch (2nd generation) and minimum requires iis Phone OS 2.1 or later. You can purchase via direct iTunes link OR download cracked .ipa file code:

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Top 19 Free iPhone/iPod Touch Apps (19 August 09)

1. iGlowStick
Category: spielwerk
Released: Aug 04, 2009
Yesterday’s ranking: Unchanged

2. Parachute Panic Lite
Category: FDG Entertainment
Released: Aug 05, 2009
Yesterday’s ranking: Unchanged

3. Convertbot
Category: Tapbots
Released: Jun 27, 2009
Yesterday’s ranking: 4

4. Bump
Category: Bump Technologies LL
Released: Mar 27, 2009
Yesterday’s ranking: 3

5. Discovery Channel
Category: Discovery Channel
Released: Aug 07, 2009
Yesterday’s ranking: 52

6. Weird Laws FREE
Category: Joey Susbilla
Released: Jun 25, 2009
Yesterday’s ranking: 5

7. Sheep Launcher Free!
Category: Kronos Games
Released: Aug 05, 2009
Yesterday’s ranking: 15

8. Slingshot Cowboy
Category: Digital Prunes
Released: Jun 15, 2009
Yesterday’s ranking: 6

9. 20Qâ„¢ Mind Reader FREE
Category: Digital Chocolate, I
Released: Jul 21, 2009
Yesterday’s ranking: 7

10. World War – 10 Honor Points
Category: Storm8
Released: Aug 12, 2009
Yesterday’s ranking: 8

facebook.png 11. Facebook
Category: Facebook
Released: Jul 10, 2008
Yesterday’s ranking: 9

12. TapWord
Category: TapJoy
Released: Jun 18, 2009
Yesterday’s ranking: Unchanged

13. Guess My Age î€ Math Magic
Released: Jun 08, 2009
Yesterday’s ranking: 10

doodle.png 14. Doodle Buddy
Category: Pinger, Inc.
Released: May 07, 2009
Yesterday’s ranking: Unchanged

15. The Oregon Trail FREE
Category: Gameloft
Released: Jul 08, 2009
Yesterday’s ranking: 13

16. Missiles
Category: Wishbone Apps
Released: Jul 24, 2009
Yesterday’s ranking: 11

17. Google Mobile App
Category: Google
Released: Apr 29, 2009
Yesterday’s ranking: 19

18. Pandora Radio
Category: Pandora Media, Inc.
Released: Jul 09, 2008
Yesterday’s ranking: 17

19. PAC-MAN Lite
Category: Namco Networks Ameri
Released: Oct 14, 2008
Yesterday’s ranking: 20

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TomTom Us/Canada/Germany/Austria/Switzerland IPA (Cracked)

Get all in one navigation system, cell phone, email client, and web broswer.

Download TomTom Us/Canada HERE 4Shared 13 Parts


Rapidshare links for TomTom Us/Canada Below:…v10-part01.rar…v10-part02.rar…v10-part03.rar…v10-part04.rar…v10-part05.rar…v10-part06.rar…v10-part07.rar…v10-part08.rar…v10-part09.rar…v10-part10.rar…v10-part11.rar…v10-part12.rar…v10-part13.rar


Download TomTom 1.0.0 Germany/Austria/Switzerland Cracked Below

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iPhone 3GS Supports 720p, 1080p Video Playback?

WeiPhone is reporting that the iPhone 3GS is capable of playing back both 720p and 1080p video encoded in H.264 through the built in player. iLounge notes that Apple may be putting arbitrary limits on video playback to save battery life keep things consistant with previous iPhones.

Using the free document storage and viewing application FileAid, forum member fridtear was able to circumvent Apple’s video restrictions, smoothly playing back files up to 30 Mbps in 1980×1080 resolution via the iPhone 3GS’ built-in video player.

Its possible that Apple may be saving this feature for a supposed firmware upgrade or possibly even for the next iPhone HD. News of this capability was rumored in April along with a new Apple AV Cable to allow for both component and composite on the same cable.


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Get And Buy Factory Unlocked iPhone 3GS

Apple sells iPhone (2G, 3G, 3GS) by tie up with a local carrier (such as AT&T). That is what so called locked iPhone. Unless you consider using software method to jailbreak & unlock. Due to some restrictions in certain countries, Apple has to sell factory-unlocked iPhone. According to a support page in, a handful carriers are selling factory-unlocked iPhone. Here is the comprehensive list for those authorized carriers:

  • Belgium: Mobistar
  • Czech Republic: O2, T-Mobile, Vodafone
  • Greece: Cosmote, Vodafone
  • Italy: 3, TIM, Vodafone
  • Luxembourg: Vox Mobile, LUXGSM
  • Russia: MegaFon, MTS, Beeline
  • Slovakia: Orange
Asia Pacific
  • Hong Kong: 3
  • Macau: 3
  • Malaysia: Maxis
  • New Zealand: Vodafone
  • Singapore: SingTel
  • Taiwan: Chunghwa Telecom
  • Thailand: TrueMove

Middle East

  • Saudi Arabia: Mobily
  • United Arab Emirates: Etisalat
  • South Africa: Vodacom

Get The Factory Unlocked iPhone with Warranty At

If you’re from U.S, consider to buy one from is now offering factory-unlocked iPhone 3GS with warranty (but also with hefty price tag). It costs US$859.99 for 16GB edition and with free shipping.

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Universal Search 1.08-1 (Patched)

  1. Download patched deb UniversalSearch-1.8-Patched.deb
  2. Rename the downloaded deb to usearch.deb or to whatever you like
  3. Copy the downloaded deb to var/mobile
  4. Open up mobile terminal and do the following exactly
  5. Type in su (press return)
  6. Type in alpine (press return)
  7. Type in dpkg -i usearch.deb (press return)

Alternate Ways To Install:

Ssh your iPhone. You may see instruction on how to ssh your iPhone. And make a folder called AutoInstall in/var/root/Media/Cydia/ so you have /var/root/Media/Cydia/AutoInstall which is case sensitive and drop this debs file in the autoinstall folder, respring and reboot your iPhone.

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iPhone 3GS (32GB) Top Seller In Japan

The iPhone 3GS launched in Japan on June 26th. Electronista reports on data from marketing research firm GfK Japan placing the 32 GB iPhone 3GS ranking as the top selling mobile phone in Japan for the month of July. The 16 GB iPhone 3GS model claimed the ninth spot in the rankings. As the report notes, the achievement is particularly notable given the difficulties foreign phones typically have in penetrating the Japanese market.

Making the top of the chart is a potential watershed for American phones in the country as a whole. While the iPhone 3G also saw strong sales in the country when it launched over a year ago on SoftBank and hurt rival carriers like KDDI and NTT DoCoMo, it struggled to unseat locally-made handsets. The Japanese market is known to be too insular and often excludes foreign phones in favor of domestics that are complicated but support many Japan-specific features like 1Seg digital TV broadcasts or FeliCa wireless payments.

»

TwitterFon Pro

Category: Social Networking
Price: $4.99

Size: 0.7 MB

Latest version: 2.0.2

TwitterFon Pro is the ideal Twitter client for serious Twitter users. It is an easy to use, super-fast Twitter client for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

- Multiple accounts
- Landscape keyboard
- Photo upload to Flickr
- Instapaper integration
- integration
- User-authenticated
- Shake to reload (optional)
- Four color themes
- Twitter search and trends
- In-App maps, mail and YouTube and full-screen photo viewer
- Photo and video upload with and
- Preview shortened URLs
- User lookup
- Support for hashtags and stock symbols

Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch and minimum requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later. You can purchase via direct iTunes link OR download cracked .ipa file code:

»

Ferrari GT: Evolution

Category: Games

Price: $0.99
Size: 89.9 MB
Latest version: 1.3.4

Join the elite circle of Ferrari car owners and take part in exclusive races around the globe in the truest and most immersive racing simulation on iPhone. 33 authentic Ferrari car models: the new Ferrari California, F430, Enzo Ferrari, F40, Testarossa, 250 GTO, and more. A multiplayer mode to challenge your friends in heated races. 3 control modes (including motion detection) for varied and realistic driving sensations.

Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch and minimum requires iPhone OS 2.2.1 or later. You can purchase via direct iTunes link OR download cracked .ipa file code:

»

AirPhones: Turn Your iPhone/iPodTouch Into Wireless Headphones

Category: Utilities
Price: $0.99

Size: 0.2 MB

Latest version: 2.0

AirPhones is the next-generation, solution to wireless headphones. Its allow your iPhone or iPod Touch to listen to ANY audio from your computer, via WiFi. experience DVD's, desktop TV, web videos & radio, audio books, shared iTunes playlists and podcasts; from across the room, throughout the office or around the house.

AirPhones was specifically designed for low-latency, wireless, audio transmission, especially for watching video content. As a result of intentionally giving up these buffers, the transmission isn't quite as seamless as a large buffered stream, but is definitely worth the minimal compromise for a synced experience. Go to for server instructions.

Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch and minimum requires is iPhone OS 3.0 or later. You can purchase via direct iTunes link OR download cracked .ipa file code:

»


Category: Photography
Price: $1.99

Size: 0.1 MB

Latest version: 1.01

Share photos with your friends easily using WIFI. Both devices must be in the same local network.

How To Use:
1) Install PicShare in your device and your friend's device
2) Launch PicShare in both devices
3) Select photo in one device and it will be automatically sent to your friend's device
4) Press save to save photo

Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch and minimum requires is iPhone OS 2.0 or later. You can purchase via direct iTunes link OR download cracked .ipa file code:

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